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This program is designed to meet the needs and educational goals of our students. We offer 6 levels of English and each includes the core language components. 
Students must take a placement test upon arrival and will be placed in the class level appropriate for their language capabilities. This program is approved for F1 Students.   
Class Schedule 

Day Classes:   
4 Days per Week (Monday to Thursday) from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM 

Evening Classes:   
4 Evenings per Week (Monday to Thursday) from 6:00  to 10:30 PM 


The curriculum is centered on the core classes of Reading & Writing, and Listening & Speaking. All classes integrate instruction in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar and with the core courses. 

Students will be required to complete class work, individual activities, projects, homework, quizzes, essays, final exams, student learning outcomes assessment, industry standardized assessment test at the beginning and end of the semester.

Credits for these programs are not transferable 
Beginner I
Beginner II
Intermediate I
Intermediate II
Advanced I
Advanced II

Reading & Writing

Concentrates on the development and sharpening of students reading comprehension.  At the beginning levels this course will introduce students to the process of writing; fundamentals of paragraph development; development of oral skills. The higher levels will focus on academic and business written communications. 

Listening & Speaking 

This class includes instruction in speaking and listening, pronunciation, and conversational skills 
Semesters     (5 per year)
     Class Starts are August , January  (16 wk, 18 hrs wk)
    Mid Semester Starts  March, October  (14 wk, 18 - 25 hrs wk)
    Summer Semester (as needed)   

Class Placement

Students are required to take a nationally recognized placement test before beginning their studies. The results of this test will determine the student placement into one of 7 proficiency levels (Beginners to Advanced). This nationally recognized test has multiple components. 
The placement level will be the lowest of all of the scores received. Students may appeal the placement if they feel the results are incorrect.