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Student Services

ACS is committed to providing all students with the additional support that they require to become successful in their
 learning environment. Although the support that each student requires may be different, this policy will list the standard services offered. 
Prior to the start of classes, a mandatory new student orientation will be conducted. 

Topics will be reviewed:
    · Health care in the US and the importance of Health Insurance 
    · US system of education and appropriate student behavior 
    · Testing 

    · Grading system 
    · Attendance 
    · Change of Address 
    · Satisfactory Academic Performance 
    · Termination 
    · Initial Level Placement & how to advance to next level 
    · Introduction to the community and to the activities, c
ulture shock 
    · Building safety (fire exits, etc) 
    · General safety in the community 
      F1 VISA responsibilities 
      Introduction to staff 

Immigration Issues
Any questions regarding VISAs must be directed to the DSO. The DSO can only help with issues within the scope of a F1 VISA. For issues outside this scope, the DSO will try to provide the student with direction on where they could go to help with the issue.

Misc Services 
    · F1 Student travel endorsement 
    · Help with finding appropriate housing 
    · Helping students advance their learning objectives by 
      Investigating American Universities and various programs. 
    · Cultural adjustments 
    · Social Activities 
    · Practical English to help with US adjustment issues (restaurants, 
      gas, banks, healthcare) 
    · Help with obtaining a drivers license 
    · Wireless access in the school 
    · ID Cards 

The school may sponsor additional activities as approved by the director. If there is a fee, the activity must be optional and if it will be conducted during school hours arrangements must be made for those students that are unable to attend. 

Personal Counseling 
Students should feel comfortable seeking assistance with any problems that the they may encounter which is preventing them from completing their educational program. Although 
ACS may not be able to solve all student issues, students should feel comfortable seeking assistance. If possible, they will be directed to the appropriate people who can help them. 

Albert Career School does not provide housing to students.