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Tuition & Fee Payment

Full Tuition is due in full at registration. Student payments may be made in the form of cash, check, or credit card. Students should pay their tuition in person at the Main Office. Students who have not paid their tuition or made payment arrangements by the first day of class may have their registration canceled. 

  1. Tuition and fees are due and payable in full at registration. 
  2. A payment plan is available to students upon request. All payment arrangements must be established prior to registration and must be documented. 

Payment Plan -- DUE 15TH OF THE MONTH 
    • Prior to registering each semester, ESL requesting a payment plan must do so in writing and have it approved. 
    • A students request for a payment plan may be denied due to historical payments. A sponsor may be required in order to approve a payment plan. 
    • No interest is charged if payments are made as agreed. Interest may be charged on account balances if student does not pay their tuition when due. 
    • A fee will be charged to establish the payment plan. This is due at registration. 
    • ACS reserves the right to cancel any payment plan which remains in arrears for more than thirty (30) days. In the event that a payment plan is cancelled, the total balance of the tuition shall become due and payable at that time and the payment due may be referred to a collection agency. Student will be responsible for the collection agency fee of 25% plus attorney fees. 
    • 5 calendar day grace period - $40 Late fee will be charged on the 6th day
    • This fee will be charged each month that the students account is not up to date. The monthly charges will continue during semester breaks if the account continues to be in arrearages. 
Past Due Accounts
    • Any student who is delinquent in payments due to the School are prohibited from the following: continued enrollment, receiving grade reports, access to Student Portal, transcript issuance, using career placement services, I20 extensions, drivers license letters, etc. 
    • Student accounts that are over thirty (30)) days old may be referred to collection at the discretion of the School. Students are responsible for 25% collection fees and attorney fees. 
    • Termination for non-payment of tuition for F1 students will result in the student to be in violation of their visa responsibilities. Students’ F1 visa will be canceled and they must leave the United States.