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Frequently Asked Q & A

1. How does a student fall "out of status"?
A student falls "out of status" when he/she does not attend classes regularly, takes a break from school when it is not legal to do so, does not report a change of address within 10 days of that change, works off campus, works on campus more than 20 hours/week, or stays away from school because of illness or accident without the knowledge and approval from the Assistant Director.

2. If I'm "out of status," what does that mean?
If you are out of status, you are illegally in the United States. You must apply for reinstatement, and ask whether you are allowed to continue as a student. You must be sure not to make this mistake again, because it is far more difficult to get reinstated more than once.

3. If I'm "out of status," will the IELP help me to get back my F-1 status?
YES. Ask for the "Reinstatement Form" at the front desk and follow ALL directions. When you bring in all the reinstatement requirements, you will be given an appointment to see the Assistant Director, who will sign your forms and help you send the package to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You will have to wait until the USCIS informs you of their decision. The IELP cannot rush them and cannot change the decision they make. If you receive a denial, please come to the IELP office and speak with the Assistant Director, DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER FROM THE USCIS! The worst result of denial is deportation (which means that you are sent out of the country and may not return - EVER) The office will advise you of what you need to do.

4. If someone is in B-1, B-2 status and his/her status is about to expire, can the IELP help to get the status extended?
NO, but as long as it is not prohibited by the BCIS on the I-94, the IELP can help the person prepare the documents to request a change of status to F-1 (full time student).

5. Can an IELP student get a letter to prove his/her student attendance?
YES, just request an attendance form at the front desk and fill it out. You will be notified when your letter is ready. It will take about one week to process your request.

6. Can a student on a legal break from studying transfer to another school?
NO. A legal break is granted only to those who say that they are returning to the IELP.

7. How does a student transfer out of the IELP?
To transfer out of the IELP, a student must request a transfer out form and submit it to the IELP. When the form is completed, the IELP will fax it to the school the student wishes to attend. The process will take about one week. If a student is out of status, he/she cannot transfer.

8. When can I take a vacation and for how long?
You must study for 28 consecutive weeks AND be in status all of that time before you can request a vacation. You must make this request with the Assistant Director. The length of time you may take off is one session (for example, Fall 2 or Spring 1).

9. If a student has just recently been reinstated to F-1 status, does he/she have to do another 28 weeks of full-time study before he/she can take a legal break?
YES. Any break in valid status puts a student back to the beginning (in terms of course time).

10. Can I get a social security number?
You CANNOT get a social security number until after you have registered AND received a job offer to work ON CAMPUS.

You must have a letter from the IELP office AND from your on campus employer to prove your employment. (New Social Security Number Evidence Rule, October 13, 2005).