Vacation and Travel


A vacation is a time spent in the United States while not registered for full-time classes. Students are eligible for vacation after they have completed one full-time academic year prior to the vacation and they intend to register for the following term.
  • Albert Career School requires students to attend 2 semesters per year, Fall and Spring. 
  • Summer is the default vacation, and it is not necessary to notify PDSO if the student plans to take summer as their vacation quarter. 
  • An annual vacation may be requested for any semester after completion of one year of class attendance. 
  • Students are permitted to request the Fall or Spring as their annual vacation and attend classes during the Summer Semester. Written approval is required of the PDSO. 
  • Students who plan on taking a vacation in the Spring or Fall Semester must register and pay the appropriate fees for the next semester. 
  • Students who intend to transfer or stop studying at ACS after the vacation can not apply for vacation. 
  • Not all classes are available in the Summer, therefore students must confirm they are able to attend classes that are available in the Summer prior to approval of the alternate vacation. 


Students should adhere to the Vacation Policy prior to scheduling to travel. 

Travel Outside the United States

If student is traveling outside the US while in F-1 status, the PDSO must sign page 3 of their I-20. This signature confirms the student is maintaining their F-1 status and is eligible to re-enter the US. The signature is valid for one year.

  1. Page 3 must be signed for travel authorization 
  2. Absence from US must be less than five months 
  3. DSO should check the passport and visa for validity 
    • Students should submit a travel request to the DSO with the original I-20. 
    • Students must register and pay the appropriate tuition for the next semester. 
    • When F-1 students wish to leave the US temporarily and return to continue studies they must secure the necessary documents to 1) permit entry to another country and 2) permit re-entry to the United States. For entry into another country, the student is responsible for investigating that country’s entry requirements well in advance of traveling. 
In order to re-enter the US in F-1 status, the student must present all of the following:

1) A valid I-20 with current DSO signature from the school he/she is entering to attend
2) A valid F-1 student visa stamp 
3) A valid passport or travel document 
4) Evidence of Adequate Finances 
5) Transcript/ Report Card/ Letter (additional document showing you are a valid student is helpful) 

Five-month rule 

A F-1 student who remains outside the US for five or more consecutive months, even with a valid travel signature, will need a new initial attendance I-20 for re-entry. The previous I-20 is no longer valid for re-entry. The student Must begin the admissions process.

Travel within the U.S. 

Whether traveling within the State or elsewhere in the U.S students should be reminded to carry proof of their identity and immigration status at all times. This includes:

            1) Valid passport, 2) Valid I-20, 3) I-94 departure card

Sometimes State ID is not sufficient for law enforcement officials