Transfer Out 
(Transfer In – follow Admissions Policy) 

Initial student are required to attend Albert Career School for a minimum of 2 semesters.

Timing of Request
    • Initial students that used an ACS I-20 for a COS or entry into the US must complete 2 semesters at ACS. If student request a transfer to a different school before this time, they will be charged an early withdrawal fee of $350 in addition to the required tuition. 
    • Students that plan to transfer to another school the next semester must notify ACS of their “Intent to Withdrawal” before the end of the current semester. This must be done in 
    • writing using the Request Form. 
    • ACS must receive the withdrawal form and the new schools acceptance letter before the end of the registration period. Student will be charged an early withdrawal fee if they fail to follow the Transfer Policy. 
    • Students must begin classes at the transfer-in school at the next available start. The next available start must be within five months of the last date of attendance at ACS. 
    • Students that are on probation for attendance or grades are not in good status and may be transferred to the new school but it will be in terminated status. 
    • Students that are in status are free to transfer to other schools, contingent on following other policies. 


Current immigration regulations provide a 15 day grace period for F1 students who discuss their intention to withdraw or take a leave of absence with the PDSO prior to withdrawing. Students who do not notify the PDSO in advance have no grace days. 


F1 students who wish to withdrawal from school should apply for an Authorized Early Withdrawal by completing the LOA/Withdrawal form. Such a student should not stop attending classes until the approval is granted. It is important that students withdrawing from their program of study do so systematically. If a student notifies the PDSO of their intent to withdraw, their termination reason in SEVIS will be Authorized Early Withdrawal. This termination will have a positive effect on their future immigration requests.

If a student doesn’t request an early withdrawal and they are terminated due to non attendance, the termination in SEVIS for will have a negative impact on the student’s future VISA requests. Students will have no grace period before leaving the United States, and this reason could possibly have ramifications on future VISA requests. 

All requests must be received by the 2nd day of the start of the semester.

If student is not prepared to leave the United States 15 days following the start of the semester must register and attend classes in order to remain in status. 

The regulations refer only to “preparation for departure” as an activity permissible during the 15 days period following the withdrawal. The provision granting the 15 day period does not refer to preparation to transfer, as does the language creating the 60 day period.