F1 Student Roles and Responsibilities

Department of Homeland Security grants F1 status to individuals for one purpose only, to be full time students at a SEVIS approved school.
 All other activities such as vacations are special privileges for those that follow the rules for F1 students.
 International students must maintain legal status while attending classes.
 Failure to follow the following guidelines could result in your F-1 status being cancelled.
 SEVIS is an inflexible system with ZERO tolerance for those who violate the terms of their student status 

The Department of Homeland Security may be notified for the following reasons:
· Failure to register for classes during semester registration 
· Non-attendance of class(es), Students must attend 18 hours of classes per week and maintain an 80% attendance rate. 
· Failure to maintain adequate progress towards completion of program (repeated grades of “F”) 
· Working illegally 
· Failure to notify school of changes in demographic information (address, name, change of status) 

My responsibilities as an F-1 Student
· Attend 18 hours of classes per week and maintain an overall attendance rate of 80%. 
· Be on time for all classes and do not leave early. Class hours, not days, are used to calculate the 80% attendance rate. 
· Make normal progress toward the completion of the program. 
· Complete all course work, quizzes, projects, exams, and make up all work. 
· Maintain a current passport (valid for at least 6 months into the future at all times). 
· Report all changes in address, phone number, name, dependents, marital status, change of status application, status change within 10 days upon occurrence. 
· Request travel approval signature before traveling. 
· Provide ALBERT CAREER SCHOOL with copies of any updates regarding passport extensions and visa renewals. 
· Know your 1-20 completion date. Your I-20 is ONLY valid as long as you remain in our program. 
· Request an I-20 extension before document expires 
· Follow proper Transfer, Leave of Absence, Withdrawal procedure
· Transferring Students: Submit an “Intent to Withdrawal” notice before the end of the semester 
- Submit Transfer Form, Acceptance Letter, and ACS Withdrawal request before the end of the registration period. 
· Withdrawal from school must be in writing, Refund request must be in writing. 
· Abide by the School’s Student Conduct guidelines 
· Register for classes during the registration period in person; prior to the start of the semester. 
· Report all police arrests and criminal convictions to the DSO 
· On Time Tuition Payments 
· Register for the following semester prior to leaving the country on vacation or leave of absence 
· Provide appropriate Drs letter for a Leave of Absence or excused absence request before the absence or within 3 days 
· Not permitted to work 

If you have any questions, seek information only from ALBERT CAREER SCHOOL as it relates to your status. DO NOT seek immigration advice from your friends and family. Immigration regulations are subject to change and this information is subject to change without notice. The federal regulations related to F-1 students are found at 8 CFR 214.2 (f). 

I have carefully read this acknowledgement and understand the requirements of my F1 status and my responsibilities as an F1 student. I understand that violation of any conditions of my F1 student status may result in termination of my record in SEVIS, rendering me out of status. 

I understand that I may be automatically terminated without notice if my attendance rate falls below 80%, I am absent for 14 consecutive days, I do not pay my tuition timely, or I create disciplinary concerns.