Acceptable Use of Electronic Devises

This policy is based on the principle that the electronic information environment is provided to support ACS’ business and its mission of education. Other uses are secondary. Uses that threaten the integrity of the system, the privacy and safety of others, disrupt instruction, use for non academic purposes or that are otherwise illegal are forbidden.

A Electronic Resources include computers, networks, electronic mail devices, printers, cell phones, etc. Connection to the internet or use of ACS technology resources is a student privilege and not a right. By using ACS electronic systems, I assume responsibility for appropriate use and agree to comply with this policy.

Use only those computing and information technology resources for which you have authorization; use of school computers or the school’s network to gain unauthorized access to any computer, files, data, systems, or network;

Protect the access and integrity of computing and information technology resources. Is a violation to prevent others from accessing an authorized service; adding, editing,        deleting from hard drives; changing the default settings on applications or workstations; to corrupt or misuse information to alter or destroy information without authorization

Abide by applicable laws and school policies and respect the copyrights and intellectual property rights of others, including the legal use of copyrighted software. It is a violation to; to download, use or distribute pirated software ; any activity which violates any school policy, or city, state, federal law, including hate speech, copyright violations, gambling, any malicious, threatening, or obscene matter; viewing websites or emails which violate the School’s Code of Conduct, and/or state and federal laws

Respect the privacy and personal rights of others. It is a violation to access or attempt to access another individual's password or data without explicit authorization; to access or copy another user's electronic mail, data, programs, or other files without permission; any activity which interferes with the work of others, including but not limited to, excessive printing, creation of propagation of computer viruses or other self-replicating or destructive programs; harassment of others; posting, mailing, or printing of obscene materials; or the distribution of unsolicited advertisement;

File Sharing: Illegal music and movie file sharing and related copyright violations will not be tolerated at ACS. Violators may also be subject to civil and criminal fines and possible jail sentences. ACS is not liable for violations of its Acceptable Use of Academic Computing and Information Technology Resources by students, faculty, administrators, staff, all other employees, guests of the ACS, and all users of school equipment.

Monitoring – The School reserves the right to monitor the use of School computers and the network in the course of performing normal system and network maintenance or while investigating policy violations or suspected criminal activity.

Sanctions – Violations of this Policy will result in sanctions which may include loss of computer privileges, School disciplinary action, and/or legal action, and a charge to        student for administration costs and reactivation fees.

Disclaimer – Each student is responsible for his/her own actions in using any of the School’s technology and computer resources. Albert Career School shall not be liable for harm caused by the actions of any person using the School’s technology and computer resources.

B Personal Electronic Devises

Cell Phones, MP3, IPOD, etc are to be turned off during class and placed in students bag, pocket, etc (not visible).

· Instructor will give student permission to use devises for academic purposes.

        Ø Ringer must be off
        Ø No texting 
        Ø No Internet surfing 

· Cell phone cameras (or any camera) are strictly prohibited in private areas such as restrooms, offices, classrooms.

· Talking on a Cell Phone is not permitted in non classroom areas (hallways, lab, etc) during class hours.

Reservation of Rights

ACS reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of this policy at anytime without notice, effective upon posting of the modified policy in each computer lab.