Academic Evaluation & Level Changes

Students are assessed from the day they arrive at ACS until they complete their program.

Evaluation Methods

Prior to Placement in levels, students are academically evaluated.  

Student’s grades are based solely on tangible, non-subjective methods.  

1. Standardized Assessments 

INITIAL LEVEL PLACEMENT  --  A nationally recognized ESL Appraisal test will be utilized for students initial placement into a level. 

ON GOING PROGRAM ASSESSMENT -- Students will be tested at the beginning of the semester and at the end of the semester . 
                                                                         Scores will determine program educational gains.

2. Classroom Graded Evaluation
  • Students will be graded on various  assignments -- quizzes, tests, activities, projects
  • Will provide evidence that the student has learned  the subject matter and have acquired  the learning outcomes of the lessons.  

Student Level Advancement 
  • Determined by assessment test results