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Policies & Procedures

Academic Evaluations
Students are evaluated from the time they enter Albert Career School until which time they leave.
Review the entire Academic Evaluation Policy

Albert Career School and USCIS require daily continual class attendance.  Review the Attendance Policy.

F1 Student Roles and Responsibilities 

Students must fully understand their responsibilities  
See F1 Student Roles and Responsibilities.  Student Form 11

Leave of Absence
Students must formally request a Leave of Absence and use Student Form 3. See Leave of Absence Policy.

Transfer Outs & Withdrawals
Refer to "Transfer Out & Withdrawal Policy"

Use of Electronic Devises
Students are required to sign the "Use of Electronic Devises Form" 

        It is the responsibility of the student to maintain his/her immigration status.
The PDSO is available to assist students , however he/she is also responsible for ensuring the school’s compliance with immigration regulations concerning the enrollment of international students.

Level Advancement
See Academic and Level Change Policy; Use Form 5

Refunds and Cancellations 
See Refund and Cancellation Policy, all Refunds must in writing from the student

Satisfactory Academic Progress
Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and 80% Attendance. See SAP Policy for adherence.

Student Conduct
        See Student Conduct Policy

Tuition Payments

Vacation &Travel
Student Requests
Requests for all letters, transactions, information, etc must be in writing.  Different forms are to be used for different requests. The List of Forms are posted in each classroom and the forms are located in the Main Office.

Student ID
ID cards will be issued to all students when they arrive at Albert Career School.  It must be carried with them at all times they are on school property.  This card is used in each class to track students attendance. Replacement cards are $15.