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Immigration Q & A

1. How does a student fall "out of status"?
A student falls "out of status" when he/she does not attend classes regularly, takes a break from school when it is not legal to do so, does not report a change of address within 10 days of that change, works off campus, stays away from school because of illness or accident without the knowledge and approval, work without approval

2. If I'm "out of status," what does that mean?
If you are out of status, you are illegally in the United States. You must apply for reinstatement, and ask whether you are allowed to continue as a student. This process can cost you as much as $800. 

3. If I'm "out of status," will Albert help me to get back my F-1 status?
It depends upon why you are "out of status". Ask for the Reinstatement Information at the front desk and follow ALL directions. After completing all the forms, discuss your plans with the PDSO.   You will have to wait until the USCIS informs you of their decision. We cannot rush the process and cannot change the decision USCIS makes. If you receive a denial, please come to the office and speak with the Assistant Director, DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER FROM THE USCIS !   You must attend classes during this period.

4. If someone is in B-1, B-2 status and his/her status is about to expire, can you help to get the status extended?
NO, but as long as it is not prohibited by the USCIS , we can help the person prepare the documents to request a change of status to F-1 (full time student).

5. Can a student get a letter to prove his/her student attendance?
YES, just complete a General Student Inquiry form. You will be notified when your letter is ready. It will take about one week to process your request.

6. Can a student on a legal break from studying transfer to another school?
NO. A legal break is granted only to those who say that they are returning.

7. How does a student transfer out?
To transfer, a student must submit an intent to withdraw by the end of the semester and all paperwork must received by the DSO before the start of the next semester. If the student does not follow this policy, they will be charged an early withdrawal fee. Albert must receive an acceptance letter from your new school. 

8. When can I take a vacation and for how long?
Albert Career School's default vacation is Summer.  If the student wants to take a vacation during spring and fall, they must receive approval from the DSO.  IF approved there are certain requirements that the student must meet first.  Refer to your handbook for a complete explanation of this policy.  

9.  Can I get a social security number?
The only reason students require a social security number is for the purpose of off campus employment.  F1 ESL students are not permitted by USCIS to work off campus.  Therefore, you will not be authorized to get a Social Security number.