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Current Students


Students must follow the registration procedures or risk being terminated. If you have any problems with registering and attending classes, 
you must contact The Director. However, the Immigration Regulations offer no release for students who do not register and attend classes.
Although we naturally would like to support our students and we are concerned for their welfare, but we must also protect Albert School 
and care for all students by following Federal Immigration Laws. These laws offer ZERO tolerance for students that are out of status.

Students should register during the Registration time frame which will occur 
two- three weeks prior to the semester start and will be ongoing  for 2 weeks. 
Students registering after this time may be charged a late fee. 

Class Time Missed
Courses are charged semester by semester. A student will not be given a credit or refund 
due to late registration or time missed 

Class Schedule
ACS does not guarantee registration to classes offered due to maximum number of students 
allowed by the school. 

Registration is done on a first come first serve basis. ACS reserves the right to cancel classes on short notice due to insufficient demand, 
and place the student in appropriate classes.  F1 students are not relieved from registration requirements as a full time student regardless 
of the reason. 

Changing Classes 
After the 2nd week of the semester, the student may not request a class change unless their classes are cancelled due to low enrollment. 

  • Students are expected to be registered continuously throughout their studies at ACS. Students satisfy the continuous registration requirement by enrolling during regular academic semesters (fall and spring). Summer session is considered a vacation period and students are not required to attend classes during the summer. 
  • Under the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) regulations, all students who hold F-1 visas status must be registered for at least 18 hours per week each semester. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in violation of your immigration status in the United States 
  • Mandatory Check Ins – Students must physically register for classes. On line, phone, or mail registration is not permitted.  
  • I-20 must be valid 
  • Enroll by the 2nd day of the Semester in order to avoid possible immigration issues 
  • 14 day attendance policy may apply to students who have not registered within 2 weeks of the semester start. 


  • Student is responsible for getting the registration schedule
  • If students have any questions or problems with their ability to maintain full-time enrollment obligation as an F-1 student, they should contact the PDSO. 
  • F-1 students who are not enrolled or enrolled for less than full-time without authorization will be terminated from SEVIS by the SEVIS registration deadline date. 
  • Students registering after the 1st week of class will be subjected to a Late Fee. 

To ensure students will be able to register each semester, they should settle their tuition bill in a timely manner. 
Not being able to register for classes because tuition is not settled will impact the students ability to maintain legal status.