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Change of Status Students

You may enter the U.S. with one purpose and later change your purpose.  When this happens you may need to obtain a new status. Different visa/status categories allow different activities.  When changing VISA status Albert Career School can assist you with the documentation and submission.

Admittance Application to Albert

Completion of: 
  • ESL Application;
  • Registration Form;
  • Financial Certification;
  • Copy of Visa, Passport and, I-94 card for the student & dependents;
  • Copies of all I-20 from all prior schools;
  • Student Transfer Eligibility form;
  • Enrollment Agreement (to be signed in the presence of an Albert representative);
  • F1 Student Roles and Responsibilities form; 
  • Acceptable Use of Electronic Devises form.
2.  Payment of appropriate tuition and fees

3.  An acceptance or denial letter will be issued to you within 4 to 10 days of your application date.


Change of Status Procedures 

4)  Albert Career School will issue you a Form I-20.

5)  You must pay SEVIS  I-901 fee

6)  Submit USCIS Form I-539 with all appropriate documents. 
We recommend you use the services of an immigration attorney or Albert Career School can assist you with this submission.  We can not guarantee that your VISA status change will be approved by USCIS.  
Processing Times
  • USCIS processing times vary, but be prepared to wait 3 to 6 months to learn the outcome of your application. 
  • To review current processing times and your pending case status, visit the USCIS Case Status Service online.  Albert will not be able to provide you with the status of your
7)  USCIS Regulations 
Strictly following the USCIS regulations.  The individual assisting you with your Change of Status can provide these to you. 

8)  Approval or Denial 
USCIS will notify you of their decision with Form  I-797 Notice of Action. It will be mailed to the address  on your I-539.  The Post Office will not forward it.

9)  Contact Albert Career School as soon as you receive Form I-797. 
10) Based upon your class start date you will be scheduled to take a placement test.  This placement test will determine your placement in the ESL leveled classes.  You may appeal your placement if you disagree with the level that you are placed. 

11) You must formally register for classes at the school.

12) Your new I-20 will be issued, if necessary

13) You are required to attend an orientation session, this is mandatory for all students.

14) If you do not register and attend orientation and classes you will be terminated.