School is Closed this Evening December 11, 2014                  
December 15 to 20, 2014:   Assessment Testing and Final Exams
All Students must be present for classes at the scheduled start times each day
         If your goal is to study English in Philadelphia  with experienced,  
professional teachers then Albert Career School is the right choice for you.

Whether you want to attend a University, advance in your career, or just improve your English skills, Albert will help you achieve your goals. Our program is student centered so learners are fully engaged in the learning process thereby enriching their classroom experience.

Albert Career School takes great pride in the diversity of its student body. The international students who attend our school contribute heavily to the strong sense of tolerance and understanding that is an integral part of the fabric of the school. Students come from all over the world to attend Albert Career School. Currently our students represent 12 different countries. We have established ourselves as an institute where learning and respectful discussion cuts across social and cultural divide. 

There are substantial 'communities' of students from individual countries within Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas here at the Albert. Walking through the halls, one can hear the different languages of a vibrant and diverse student body. 

Everyone is welcome at Albert Career School, and we feel that we have fostered an environment of mutual respect and acceptance that could well be a model for peace and prosperity in the larger world community. We hear every voice, regardless of the language in which it is spoken. Neighboring language schools have unsuccessfully tried to copy our success. 

Our Curriculum

Graduated English level classes                                                                                         
Placement tests 
Diverse courses 
Modern instruction methods used, incorporating practical skills and group activities 
Carefully selected up to date textbooks, including books developed by us, as well as many types of conversational activities to create a fun learning environment. 
Instructors and Students involved in curriculum evaluations and revisions        

                                                                         Highly Qualified Instructors 

All Instructors are professional educators; minimum of a Bachelors Degree most have Masters Degree, American trained, TOEFL trained or certified
Commitment to continual Professional Development
Actively participate or members of professional organizations
Well versed in the communicative methodology of ESL instructors, focusing on speaking, listening, and conversational skills


The Central Mission of Albert Career School is to provide high quality, affordable English language training and student service to international, professional, and non-native English speaking students. To this end, we are committed to providing learners with the
 most up to date curricula,classroom material, and teaching methods thereby providing them with the tools to acquire sufficient language proficiency to achieve their
 individual goals. 

  1. To ensure students gain a foundation in language structure and become comfortable and confident in conversations with others in English. 
  2. Recruit talented and experienced staff and provide support to promote their continued professional growth. 
  3. Provides programs that includes current teaching methodologies and techniques, up to date materials, and an ideal learning environment. 
  4. To provide students with cultural knowledge and awareness which they will need to function both socially and academically. 
  5. Provide student support and administrative services of the highest quality. 
  6. Maintain an openness to new ideas and encourage staff and students to think outside the box 
  7. Provide flexible classes to a diverse population 
  8. Manage resources effectively without compromising the programs quality 
  9. Encourage students to learn to respect and appreciate countries and cultures different from their own and therefore play a role in promoting peace and understanding in the world.